Boost your online authority with reputation tracking software

Track, manage, and control your brand image with ease. Ensure that your business is seen as the authority in your industry and stand out among your competitors.

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The full brand image at a glance

Forget using multiple social listening, SEO, and media monitoring solutions. Repsense offers a comprehensive reputation tracking tool that uses 86 different factors to help define how your customers, employees, and other stakeholders see you online.

Understand your image

See your brand from your key stakeholders' eyes and asses the impact of your communication campaigns. Identify the main information sources for your key markets and evaluate what kind of reputation signals you send out to the world.

Track your reputation

Trace your position in the industry and among your competitors. Repsense engine constantly tracks the reputation of 95 industries across 165 countries, shows you the exact position you hold in your market, and gives your a definitive reputation performance score.

Control the narrative

Once you benchmark your position against the industry and market leaders, start taking action. Get strategic insights for improving your image, and get in charge of the way people see you online.

Take a long hard look at your online reputation

Our proprietary algorithm scans the web and interprets how you look to others using extensive global database that is updated in real-time.
1.5B data points analyzed per report
95 industries covered
165 countries investigated

How can precise reputation tracking help your bottom line?

Weed out poorly performing initiatives
Focus your efforts on actions that truly matter instead of wasting money on ineffective campaigns.
Streamline your brand communications
Coordinate the efforts between different teams and improve collaboration between departments.
Identify the gaps in your communication strategy
Understand the difference between how you want to be seen and how you are viewed by key stakeholders.

Who can make use of reputation tracking software?

Measuring and improving online reputation is important for every function within your organization.

Public relations and communication

Prove the real worth of your work and back your insights with data

Set clear KPIs for all your brand-related activities

Measure the true value of each campaign and focus your efforts on high-impact initiatives

Help journalists meet your brand and key people


Amplify your relationship with every stakeholder

Create meaningful online reputation your business deserves

Enhance your value proposition for investors, customers, and regulators

Identify reputation issues early on

Human resources

Help your future colleagues make the decision to join you

Understand how jobseekers see you

Review what your competitors have to offer

Adjust your messages to attract talent that fits your company culture


Use online reputation to boost your sales

Expand your online footprint to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns

Help your customers make informed decisions

Build an in-depth ideal customer behavior profile

B2B sales

Close more online and offline leads

Engage new international and local clients

Gain a deep understanding of a new market you plan to enter

Acquire a competitive advantage in your industry

Community management

Enhance your customer experience

Clarify which types of information your customers cannot find online about your brand

Analyze brand or product reviews on popular sites

Find and deal with misleading content about your brand

Trusted by industry innovators

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is online reputation important for business?

As the digital noise increases, people remember less information about brands, services, and companies. They outsource their memory to various search boxes (e.g., Google, Amazon, TikTok, or Facebook) via a system called transactive memory.

Before making any important decision, consumers, employees, and other stakeholders are researching your company online.

Online reputation management became the most important practice in business reputation. Your online reputation impacts consumer and B2B sales, marketing, human resources, media relations, public relations, corporate affairs, lobbying, government relations, CSR, and almost all other company functions.

Is online reputation management the same as PR?

Public relations (PR) is a discipline of professional maintenance of favorable opinion about a company, organization, or person.

Online reputation comprises all activities undertaken to influence stakeholders’ opinions about a company, organization, or person based on online noise and signals.  

Online reputation management is a part of public relations today. As people increasingly live digital lifestyles, online presence and memory becomes a crucial part of any public relations strategy.

How online reputation works for HR?

War for talent is one of the most pressing issues for contemporary human resources (HR). Most candidates search information about employer online before applying, going to an interview, and accepting the offer.  

So, managing your online reputation increases the number of applications you receive, helps to maintain a healthy candidate acquisition funnel, aids during interviews and onboarding, and increase the number of successful hires.

Is online reputation the same as SEO?

Online reputation comprises all activities implemented to influence stakeholders’ opinions about a company, organization, or person, based on online noise and signals.  

SEO is a set of practices which improve the positioning and appearance of your own media channels during an internet search and drive organic traffic to your sales or recruitment funnels.

Primary function of SEO is driving traffic to business website, while online reputation focuses on impressions people will get from all Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Sometimes there might be a sharp difference in tactics. For instance, SEO specialists might not like independent third-party websites to appear on your SERP results, while online reputation specialists seek out media mentions in a respected news source.  

But as a rule of thumb, good online reputation will improve traffic and funnel conversion rates, and well-managed web assets are an essential part in online reputation management. That means that while the goals and tactics might differ, SEO practices are crucially important for online reputation.

Is online reputation management expensive? What are the most common reputation management and tracking tools?

The prices of online reputation management depend on organization’s needs and ambitions. If you start your online reputation program, you need to consider five budget categories.

First, you need to constantly track and evaluate your status of online reputation, and be mindful what your competitors are doing. Repsense offers an online reputation software of your company and that helps to review your reputation across different markets and industries.

Second, you need to create and improve your company assets. Creating a company website might cost you from 1,000 Eur (using WIX or similar platform) to more than 25,000 Eur if you choose to hire a professional design and programming team. Social media management might cost you less if you do it yourself or more than 10,000 euro a month  if you employ a skilled team of professional SM managers, writers and designers to cover different social media platforms and paying for the ads.

Third, you might want to engage affiliate websites, databases, bloggers, or influencers to be better featured in higher position websites. The cost for being featured on popular content marketing websites can vary from as low as 200 euros to 8,000 and more. Depending on a platform, micro influencers can talk about your company or brand for as little 200 euro, while a bigger name can charge 10-20 thousand euros for one post.

Fourth, you will seek unbiased coverage for your activities, try to atone for your negative coverage, or seek recognition for your high value keywords. This is where online reputation meets public relations and content marketing with a focus on higher ranked media. These activities can cost you your time or require a help of a PR agency (2,000–20,000 euro per month).

And finally, do not forget that while building your online reputation, you might also rely on Google ads. Ads can be used while reacting to crisis situations or changing environment, and can add up to a pretty hefty sum.

Online reputation has emerged as a most important communications field for the companies. Tracking and evaluating your SERP, replying and managing online reviews, engaging affiliates and news media brings many benefits to company’s performance.

Many enterprises spend a major part of their communications budget on ads.  But you should remember that building a winning reputation is a marathon, not a sprint. You should do it at a pace which best suits your business and your industry.

How does Repsense measure business online reputation?

Understanding your online reputation can be difficult endeavor if you don’t have proper tools.  Repsense online reputation management software assesses and evaluates the high volume or high value search query results related to the brand.

The data is then processed using a number of tools and an AI model assigns Repsense Index values to each link, each SERP (Search Engine Results page), each intent profile (e.g., employment, customer, investor, public interest, etc.).

Repsense Index is a intuitive synthetic score designed to quickly assess status of company's online reputation and enable reputation comparisons with competitors, geographies and stakeholder intents.

Should we upgrade your brand image together?

With Repsense reputation tracking software you will enter the next stage of your brand communications.  

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