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Your online reputation can either bring in more business or ruin the efforts of your sales, marketing, and communications teams. Track your reputation, understand your brand image, and secure your place among the top search results.

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Get a comprehensive report about your local and global online position.
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Review how the customers and key stakeholders see you right now.
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Reputation tracking helps to clearly see your brand's image. Repsense algorithm scans the web and identifies how you appear to different stakeholders.

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Identify your position within your industry in 8 different ways.
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Get your reputation analyzed and position updated regularly or on demand.
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Understand your position among 160 top SERP positions in 165 countries.

Introducing Repsense Index

Repsense Index is a proprietary machine learning algorithm that analyzes up to 1.5 billion data points and creates a report about your brand. For each report, we extract information from Google search, news, blogs, Wikipedia, product review websites, and online databases.
The final result is a comprehensive review of your brand image, complete with actionable strategies that will help you stand out from your competition.

Sources of information used
Different factors considered
News releases analyzed

What’s at stake?

Today, knowledge is just one quick search away. There is no need to remember phone numbers, addresses, or even exact facts anymore. People have outsourced their memory to the search box.

If you want to stay competitive, your brand image must have a clear standing on the first page of every search engine. Owning your online brand narrative is paramount to any business.

Repsense helps you track online reputation, identify what’s important, and fix what’s wrong.

Mykolas Katkus, CEO and co-founder

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