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Most companies don't correctly track their online reputation. They miss out on opportunities to make a lasting impression on their customers, partners, and future employees.  Are you ready to fight for the best positioning online?

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Measure your brand impact in every way that matters to you. Review your reputation score, track the right metrics, and make the best out of your communications campaigns.

Check your position in 165 markets
Instantly understand how well your company is doing in up to 165 countries.
Review your reputation from 6 points of view
Analyze how your brand looks in the eyes of every stakeholder – from investors to employees.
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Figure out your position in the industry and among the top competitors.

Brand Overview

Communications experts do not have the time tocheck multiple reputation analysis tools. With Repsense, you can notice anyreputation issues each time you open the app. Track your reputation score, checkout all the necessary metrics, and understand how your brand is doing at oneglance.

Measure Interest

People will do their own research about your company. Figure out how easy it is to discover your brand online by measuring your search quantity, share of search and other key metrics. Learn how many people are looking for your company online – and make sure they like what they find.

Signal Analytics

Not all content brings in the same results. Sending out a clear signal about your brand is crucial for long-term success. Measure the quality of your communications, including content value, diversity, and accessibility. Find out what are your best-performing initiatives, and how you can improve your position in different locations.

Search Results

Google search box has become the gateway that helps people to connect with your business. Understand your place among 160 top SERP positions in up to 165 countries. Review all brand-related keywords, learn which pieces of content bring the most value, and investigate your most impactful reviews.

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Reputation tracking helps to clearly see your brand's image. Repsense algorithm scans the web and identifies how you appear to different stakeholders.

Granular view
Identify your position within your industry in 8 different ways.
Frequent updates
Get your reputation analyzed and position updated regularly or on demand.
Clear positioning
Understand your position among 160 top SERP positions in 165 countries.

One custom dashboard powered by AI

Repsense proprietary machine learning algorithm analyzes up to 1.5 billion data points from Google search, news, blogs, Wikipedia, product review websites, online databases, and other sources. The final result is a comprehensive review of your brand reputation, complete with actionable strategies that will help you stand out from your competition.

Sources of information used
Different factors considered
News releases analyzed

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