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Lithuania's Online Reputation Case Study – Top Companies Revealed

Repsense has revealed and awarded the online reputation leaders in Lithuania for the first time.
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For the first time ever, Repsense has revealed and awarded the online reputation leaders in Lithuania. Nord Security, a cybersecurity enterprise, and Lithuanian Airports, a state-owned company, received the highest reputation score.

Repsense online reputation management case study analyzed 52 Lithuanian companies using an artificial intelligence algorithm, which evaluated each company using the unique Repsense Online Reputation Index. This Index analyzed and summarized up to 1.5 billion data points from various sources about each company, including Google search, news, blogs, Wikipedia, product review websites, and online databases.

Best online reputation in Lithuania 2023

The increasing importance of online reputation management

According to Mykolas Katkus, co-founder and CEO of Repsense, the rapidly growing information flow inevitably leads to worsening public memory. In turn, that makes searching for information online more crucial, which means that the company's reputation is becoming increasingly dependent on the quality of search results.

"To comprehensively assess business reputation, it is necessary to apply innovative reputation measurement solutions in addition to classical research methods. The unique Repsense Index offers an artificial intelligence-based online reputation calculation method that evaluates Google's search results about companies based on many different criteria," said M. Katkus.

Repsense's Head of Analytics, Rugile Ereminaite, says that creating quality content on social media and a presence in credible news sources are some of the best practices for achieving a high reputation title for a company. Additionally, active monitoring of customer feedback, employer communication campaigns, active communication of the company's achievements, and engagement in public and social campaigns contribute to a high reputation score. Another factor, although not decisive, is the active communication and participation of the company's spokespeople in the digital space.

The research showed that tech companies dominate the Lithuanian online reputation leaders list, including existing and potential unicorns such as Nord Security, Tesonet, Hostinger, Kilo Health, and Vinted. International companies operating in the market, such as the Acme group, also were found to have a very high online reputation index.

Repsense joined the Reputation Index study, which was conducted for the eighth time by Customer Centric Consultancy, a consulting and business management company, along with Fabula Rud Pedersen Group, a communication services agency, Investors' Forum, and the Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA).

Why businesses should track their online reputation?

Today, businesses face increasing pressure to maintain a positive online reputation. With the ease of access to information, customers can quickly find and share opinions about a business online. Negative articles, reviews, or comments can spread like wildfire, causing significant damage to a company's reputation and bottom line. As a result, tracking online reputation has become more critical than ever for businesses.

By staying on top of what's being said about their brand online, businesses can quickly identify and address any issues, build a positive online presence, and establish trust with their customers. This proactive approach to online reputation management can not only mitigate potential risks but also create opportunities to enhance the brand image and attract new customers.

How to leverage your online reputation for business growth?

The first impression that people will have of your company through Google search results or social media will affect how people see your brand, sometimes for years to come.

To improve their online reputation, businesses can take the following steps:

  1. Regularly monitor their online presence: This includes monitoring customer feedback, positive reviews, and comments across all relevant online platforms.
  2. Respond promptly to any negative reviews, feedback, or comments: This demonstrates to customers that the business values their opinion and is committed to addressing their concerns.
  3. Create quality content for social media and maintain a presence in credible news sources: This helps to establish the business as an authority in its industry and client's eyes and can contribute to a positive reputation.
  4. Communicate the company's achievements: This can include awards, recognitions, or any positive developments within the company. Properly positioning its positive assets helps to rank on top of the Google search.
  5. Encourage employee engagement and positive communication: This can help to build a positive image for the company as a whole and can contribute to a positive reputation.

Businesses that neglect their online presence do so at their peril and damage their reputation. By using Repsense's advanced AI algorithm, businesses can track their online reputation in real-time, identify potential issues, and address negative content.

Repsense's participation in this study reinforces its leadership of online reputation management services in Lithuania and beyond. Through its innovative and AI-based approach to reputation measurement, Repsense helps companies to monitor and improve their online reputations, allowing them to build trust with customers, partners, and stakeholders.

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