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Lithuanian AI Startup, Repsense, Secures Nearly €1 Million in Funding from Existing Investors

Repsense Secures Nearly €1 Million in Funding from Existing Investors
Repsense Team
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Repsense, a promising artificial intelligence startup that made its debut just last year,

has earned the trust and backing of its existing investors. In the recent "preseed

extension" investment agreement finalized on Friday, venture capital funds Iron Wolf

Capital have already reaffirmed their commitment to the company. Coinvest Capital,

in collaboration with private angel investors, will also be joined by the newly

introduced Baltic Sandbox Ventures, collectively contributing EUR 0.8 million in

funding. Notably, in the previous year, Repsense had secured substantial backing

from Iron Wolf Capital and Coinvest Capital along with angel investors, amassing a

total of EUR 0.5 million in funding.

The startup's ambitions are nothing short of impressive. As Mykolas Katkus, co-

founder and CEO of Repsense, put it, "We have a grand vision - to create a globally

competitive platform for the analysis of public information sources. With the

emergence of large language models, we recognized the need to significantly

enhance our product. That's precisely what we've done, pioneering one of the

world's first next-generation text analysis tools." Notably, Repsense's platform is

already making waves, with businesses, media monitoring firms, and communication

agencies worldwide incorporating it into their operations.

Viktorija Trimbel, Head of Coinvest Capital, who led the negotiations, pointed out that

companies with dual-purpose technology, like Repsense, are increasingly catching

the eye of global investors. She observed, "In the past, innovations primarily

originating from the defense industry often found applications in civilian and business

domains. Now, the tables have turned, with groundbreaking discoveries by business

innovators finding utility in the realms of national security and defense. Our team of

experts and co-invested angels firmly believes that Repsense's technology stands a

strong chance of achieving success in both defense and business."

Žygimantas Susnis, Partner at Iron Wolf Capital, emphasized Repsense's appeal. He

noted that Repsense is addressing a critical need in a communications market that

has been inadequately automated. "AI-based systems are poised to revolutionize

various sectors, and communication is no exception. The growth prospects for the

company are promising," stated the fund's managing partner.

“Repsense's innovative "Adler model" enables rapid and high-quality analysis of

publicly published texts. This capability holds significant relevance for businesses,

public organizations, as well as the field of state security, where it plays a crucial role

in identifying and evaluating the impact of hostile propaganda and fake news”,

Alfredas Chmieliauskas, co-founder of Repsense and head of research and

modeling at Adler, underscored the model's significance.

Audrius Milinavičius, Partner at Baltic Sandbox Ventures, a fund specializing in deep

technology and life sciences, joined Repsense as an investor, highlighting the

potential for success when startups invest in research and engineering solutions. He

mentioned, "At Baltic Sandbox Ventures, we nurture early-stage ideas through

incubation and acceleration programs, focusing on companies developing new "deep

tech" concepts. We were impressed by the Repsense team's expertise and the

models they've developed, and we believe such solutions have a promising niche in

the market."

Darius Antanaitis, one of the business angels who invested, shared that he was

motivated to join the investment due to the potential of Repsense's product. He

stressed the importance of distinguishing between real and fabricated information in

today's data-driven world, highlighting how the Repsense model is precisely what's

needed to ensure informed decisions and actions are based on accurate information.

Repsense's core mission involves tracking and evaluating publicly available internet

information and providing services to corporations, media monitoring firms, and

communication agencies worldwide. Collaborating with Kantar, an international

market research company, Repsense has introduced an integrated communication

process evaluation dashboard. Repsense, co-founded by data scientist Alfredas

Chmieliauskas and communications specialist Mykolas Katkus, continues to chart an

exciting trajectory in the world of artificial intelligence and text analysis.

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